Space Grade Radiation-Hardened Components & Subsystems

DDC offers radiation hardened solutions to meet your space mission requirements.  Distinguished with MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-PRF-38535 manufacturing certifcations, DDC is able to provide solutions to the highest space level certifications, Class H & K. Our tightly controlled manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art clean rooms are enabled with advanced production equipment to produce solutions successfully deployed in the harshest space environments.



RAD-PAK® Radiation Shielding & Rad Hard by Design Solutions

DDC develops rad hard by design and radiation-shielded products, including semiconductors and single-board computers. In satisfying customers’ needs to achieve the highest levels of reliability, DDC is fully qualified to build, test and qualify our hybrid circuits in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534 for all classes, including class H and K. Our Center of Excellence for Radiation Tolerant Microelectronics and Single Board Computers located in Poway, California is also qualified to MIL-PRF-38535 to support Class S, V, B and Q production. Additionally, DDC specializes in understanding the radiation performance of commercial semiconductors, qualifying selected components for use in space, integrating them with our proprietary radiation mitigation (RAD-PAK®) technologies, and manufacturing and screening our products in our DLA approved MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-PRF-38535 facilities.