High Performance & Reliability Industrial Solutions

Industrial applications have long product life cycles and often require high-performance,rugged solutions, able to operate within extreme environments. DDC has been a proven IC, hybrid, module and subsystem solutions provider for more than 50 years, and is highly knowledgeable and experienced in supporting and designing solutions for challenging industrial requirements. DDC offers motion control solutions (synchro/resolver-to-digital converters, motor drives & controllers), power control & conversion solutions (solid-state power controllers, power supplies, and transformers), and data connectivity solutions engineered to satisfy the longevity, reliability, performance and environmental requirements of industrial applications.


Motor Controllers/Drives & Motion Control/Feedback

DDC's motor controllers/drives and synchro/resolver motion feedback converters provide the highly precise position feedback data and motion control technology required for the positioning, torque, and speed control of precision robotics and other industrial applications. DDC’ Synchro to Digital converters convert the positional information of the moving shafts or robotic arms into the digital data format understood by microprocessor controllers. Automated packaging, precision cutting processes, and automated robotic assembly and transport systems all utilize this technology.

DDC utilizes the highly reliable, very robust circuitry developed for the aerospace market in conjunction with the plastic packaging techniques perfected by high volume manufacturers to provide highly reliable, cost saving electronic component solutions.



Power Supplies

DDC's extensive experience within the power supply industry provides us with the ability to design and manufacture highly reliable and cost effective power solutions across a wide range of industrial applications. DDC has extensive experience in providing power supply units for the most challenging environments, including sub-sea systems for the oil and gas industry. Environments do not come much harsher than deep sea applications (up to 4Km down) which is where DDC provides power for electronic modules used within the oil and gas industry.