Custom Hybrids & ASICs

Data Device Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability Connectivity solutions, has been producing custom hybrid and ASIC solutions for use in military, commercial aerospace, space, and industrial applications, for more than 40 years.


DDC’s core competencies & unique suite of capabilities

DDC’s core competencies and unique suite of capabilities for the production of hybrid and ASIC solutions span every stage of development including electrical design, mechanical design, test engineering, process engineering, manufacturing, and product assurance. DDC is uniquely qualified to support a wide range of application requirements and technologies based upon our decades of experience in analog and digital microelectronics, magnetics, power supplies, radiation mitigation technology and top quality certifications for AS9100:2016, ISO 9001:2015, EN9100, JIS Q9100 and through the DLA MIL-PRF-38534.

For space and extreme environmental conditions, DDC’s microcircuit experience includes the design and manufacturing of power hybrids, hybrids for space applications, and hybrids designed for high temperature (200°C+) environments such as down-hole oil and gas exploration.

Our comprehensive range of capabilities enables DDC to deliver optimized custom hybrid and ASIC solutions to support all application requirements, including build-to-spec, build-to-schematic, and build-to-print. Additionally, DDC has the capacity to support high volume packaging and testing through partnerships with industry leading semiconductor foundries and suppliers.



DDC has a long distinguished history of integrating the most advanced technologies to deliver a higher level of functionality in packages optimized for size, weight and power while maintaining backwards compatibility to preserve the investment of our customers’ programs. DDC’s 3D microelectronic packaging allows us to deliver radiation tolerant memory modules with the highest density in the market today.


DDC designs highly integrated hybrids and 3D multi-chip modules containing state of the art analog, digital and mixed signal ASICs utilizing the latest packaging technologies such as:

  • Flip Chip
  • Ball Grid Array
  • Stacked Die
  • Embedded Magnetics

This level of integration enables highly compact solutions that our customers can count on for the duration of their programs. DDC custom products are delivered to the most stringent quality assurance requirements.


DDC has been producing standard and custom hybrids containing ASIC solutions for use in military, commercial aerospace, space, and industrial applications, for more than 50 years. DDC Engineering uses advanced tools and processes coupled with years of experience to thoroughly simulate and validate our designs so that reliability is built in.