• Connectivity Solutions

    High Reliability Data Networking Solutions... from Components to Processor Based Subsystems, Space Qualified SBCs and Radiation Hardened Components – with over 200 million hours of in-service history

  • Power Solutions

    High Reliability Smart Power Distribution/Control & Power Conversion Technology... proven Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) with over 1 million nodes installed on military systems, and power supplies for aerospace & defense with over 180,000 units installed on civil aircraft.

  • Motion Control Solutions

    High Reliability Motor Control & Motion Feedback Solutions... motor controllers, drives & position feedback solutions for the most demanding requirements, with over 50 years of field proven performance in the most critical applications.

  • Magnetics Solutions

    High Performance Transformer & Magnetic Solutions... Designed into a host of military, commercial and space level applications including F-35, F-22 & F-18 fighters, C-17 transport, M1A2 tank, Boeing's 747, 757, 777 & 787 aircraft, and space platforms including satellites, launch systems, rovers, deep space probes, and the International Space Station.

  • Space Solutions

    Space-Qualified & Field Proven Solutions... Compact space qualified SBCs and radiation hardened components, engineered for the extreme environmental requirements of space, while reducing space, weight, and power consumption, along with total cost of ownership – deployed on thousands of missions over 2 decades without any flight failures.

Simplify 1553 Design with the fastest SPI Controller!

January 2021 – Nano-ACE is the world’s fastest and lowest power complete SPI to MIL-STD-1553 interface, providing support for Bus Controller/Remote Terminal/Monitor, enabling the development of more compact and higher density boards.

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USB to MIL-STD-1553 Adapter

1st Off-the-Shelf Quad Core LEON 4FT™ 3U SBC

DDR2 SDRAM Memory For Space

Compact Avionics Interface Computer

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DDC is the market leader in high-reliability data bus networking solutions, including sub-systems, boards, components, and software for th...


DDC offers proven smart power control and power conversion solutions that enable land, sea, air, and space vehicle systems the ability to ...

Motion Control

DDC is a leader in high reliability motor control and synchro/resolver motion feedback solutions for defense, civil aerospace, space, and ...

Transformers & Magnetics

DDC is a leader in high reliability transformer, magnetic and cable assembly solutions for the aerospace, defense, and space industries, w...

Rad Hard

DDC is a leading supplier of space qualified SBCs and radiation hardened components. Utilizing multiple radiation hardening techniques, DD...


DDC’s core competencies and unique suite of capabilities for the production of optimized custom sub-system, board, hybrid and ASIC solut...

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