Pump/Valve Control


Pump & Valve Control

DDC, the leader in high reliability data networking, power control and motion control technology for the aerospace and defense industry, offers field proven integrated circuit and subsystem solutions to serve the performance, reliability, and environmental requirements of industrial pump and valve applications.


The DDC Advantage:

Pump and Valve Control demands technology that is engineered to precisely operate in a compact, high surge environment. Component requirements include high reliability, high accuracy, high repeatability, and high power density in small form factors. Our product solutions provide:

  • Turnkey motor control solutions
    • Proven DSP-based architecture enables flexible tuning to optimize motor performance
    • Flexible solutions for various power and current requirements, 28V to 600V and up to 30A
    • Robust software tools and support accelerate time-to-market
  • High precision motion feedback technology
    • Up to 16-bit resolution analog-to-digital conversion
    • Up to 1 Arc minute accuracy
    • Flexible interface options with high-levels of integration

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