Optimized Solutions

If standard off-the-shelf products do not achieve your desired performance, function or form factor requirements, DDC is uniquely positioned and qualified to leverage our vertically integrated capabilities and field proven experience to optimize your application.  Whether it be a custom ASIC, hybrid, board, and/or a complete box-level solution, contact DDC for an optimized solution to serve your application requirement.


Complete Support...
From Concept to Completion

• Hardware Design
• Software Design
• Thermal and Mechanical
• Analysis
• Program Management
• Manufacturing and Testing
• Qualification and Validation
• Documentation
• Product Support


DDC designs boards, hybrids, and multi-chip modules (MCM) to meet ruggedness and reliability levels for performance in demanding environments:
• Flyable Boards for Conduction or
   Air-Cooled Applications
• Extended Temperature Operation
• Conformal Coating Available
• MIL-STD-810/VITA 47 Shock and Vibration


Reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP) with DDC's multi-channel, multi-I/O, and MCMs.
• High Channel Count
• Multiple I/Os or Protocols on a Single Board
• Small Form Factors
• Small Integrated MCM/Hybrids


DDC designs integrated hybrids and multi-chip modules to include protocol, processing, memory, transceivers, and magnetics into small rugged single component solutions.
• Ceramic/Hermetic Hybrids
• Plastic Encapsulated
• Multi-Chip Modules
• Integrated Protocol, Memory, PHY, Magnetics

Life Cycle

With close to 50 years of experience, DDC understands the life cycle requirements of the military and aerospace industries. With a comprehensive system to manage obsolete materials, we are committed to supplying electronic products that ensure:
• Uninterrupted product availability
• Backwards hardware and software compatibility
• Configuration Control


• Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified:

Program Management

DDC’s Program Management team works side by side as an extension of our customers’ program organizations. With >200,000 square feet of world class manufacturing facilities and a deep Engineering bench, our Program Managers have the resources to convert your requirements into a highly reproducible and reliable product that is delivered on time and within budget. DDC has a demonstrated history of on time delivery and yield rates consistently exceeding 95%.


DDC’s Applications Engineers can support you throughout the life of your program.  Evaluation boards, handbooks, testing and development software, LabVIEW compatible support tools, behavioral and mechanical models are amongst the supplementary articles that can be provided to accelerate your time to market.   

• Vendor Life Cycle Checks
• Lifetime Buy 
• Customer Notification prior to Obsolescence (goal is 2 years) 
• Configuration Management  Class 1 for Standard Product 
• Class 2 Notification Available 
• Generation-to-Generation Compatibility