InFlight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFEC)

DDC is well renowned within the aerospace industry for producing high performance and high reliability cabin and electronics bay power solutions, through our Pascall Electronics product line acquired in 2015. Our power supply products are utilized in applications including seat boxes, media file servers, satcom antennas, passenger display screens, direct broadcast satellite TV, cellular phone communications & in-seat USB power for portable electronic devices. DDC also provides an array of Solid-State Power Controllers for in-cabin power distribution and motor control solutions for actuation and valve control.


Reliable, field-proven custom “fit and forget” solutions for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity platforms:

  • Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), integrated assemblies (embedded or stand-alone), and embedded power supplies
  • Power ranges from 10 watts through to several kilowatts
  • Inputs of 115VAC, fixed or variable frequency, 28VDC or dual 115VAC/28VDC
  • Outputs designed to specific customer requirements
  • Additional battery or capacitor backup capability can be built for extended holdup time beyond the nominal 200 milliseconds
  • Environmental design capabilities provide full conformance to RTCA-DO-160 requirements, Airbus and Boeing specifications; including the latest wild frequency (360Hz - 800Hz) specification, and composite bodied aircraft requirements
  • The convergence of direct broadcast satellite television, communications , and connectivity into the IFE arena, our extensive knowledge and capability in IF, RF, and Microwave signal processing has facilitated enhanced customer solutions in the civil aerospace market
  • From DBS TV multiplexer units, gate-link applications and GSM cellular phone interfacing, we are carrying this capability forward to support the Wi-Fi, Wi-Max & 3G/LTE products of the future

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