Wide Band Instrumentation


Easy Way to Measure Susceptibility of Balanced Systems to Noise & Interference

Built in common mode signal injection circuit, and standard BNC (F) connectors for easy connection to signal or data sources, common mode injection networks, communications analyzers or bit error rate testers.

Value Drivers: Easily Measure Noise & Interference Susceptibility | Wide Frequency Range: 10kHz to 100MHz | Custom Impedances Available

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About Beta

Beta Transformer, a subsidiary of DDC, is the world leader in high performance military, commercial, and space qualified magnetic components. Beta Transformer developed many of the world’s smallest transformers and inductors, and is recognized for superior quality and performance. The Beta Transformer product line now includes North Hills Signal Processing Corporation, which expands our product and technology portfolio with new MIL-STD-1553, RF Wideband, Interface, and Power Magnetic solutions. For high volume magnetics requiring globally competitive pricing, utilizes its AS9100 Rev C certified facilities in Ensenada and Matamoros Tamaulipas, Mexico.