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for Rad Hard EEPROM Memories!

DDC will soon be the only source1 for Rad Hard EEPROM

"Market leading memory components have been at the core of our business from the beginning. Not only do we continue to invest in the latest memory technologies, we protect the design investments of our customers by ensuring longevity of supply." Dan Veenstra, Business Unit Manager for DDC Space Microelectronics

European Space Agency (ESA) adds DDC as approved source for rad hard EEPROM memories (EPPL, issue 39)

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RAD-PAK® Solutions

DDC's radiation mitigation RAD-PAK® Technology, offers best-in-class spot shielding, enabling DDC to deliver the latest commercially available microelectronics in a space qualified package, providing a reduced cost space grade solution. RAD-PAK-based solutions offer a total dose immunity of 100 krads or higher, and have been qualified by NASA, ESA, JAXA and thousands of missions for over 20 years without any flight failures.


EEPROM Memories

DDC’s EEPROM memories are designed with RAD-PAK® technology to enable high reliability in the most demanding space applications and feature a greater than 100 krad (Si) total dose tolerance. These flight proven rad-hard EEPROM memories are offered in a variety of voltage, density and speed options, including 3.3V and 5V, with memory densities ranging from 1Mb to 20Mb, and with access times as low as 120ns. DDC also offers Rad Tolerant (“RT”) versions without shielding, for missions with less stringent total dose requirements.

Value Drivers: QML-V approved ceramic hermetic packages | SEL & SEFI immune | TRL-9 (flight heritage) | 10 year data retention guarantee

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Competitor Replacements

Recommended DDC replacement parts

3.3V EEPROM Memories

Competitor # Configuration DDC #
3DEE1M08VS1192 1 Mb (128k x 8)
28LV010- Narrow
3DEE4M08VS4145 4 Mb (512k x 8)
3DEE8M32VS8094 8 Mb (256k x 32)


5V EEPROM Memories

Competitor # Configuration DDC #
3DEE1M08CS1193 1 Mb (128k x 8)
3DEE4M08CS4209 4 Mb (512k x 8)
3DEE8M32CS8163 8 Mb (256k x 32)

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