MIL-STD-1553 Handheld Data Bus Network Testers


Lightweight & Portable...
No Computer Required

Quickly troubleshoot or test MIL-STD-1553 data bus networks with the portable and easy-to-use DBT100A and DBT300 handheld testers.

Using press-to-test switches, an LCD display and nine pass/fail indicators, these network testers readily detect shorts, opens, crossovers and shorts-to-shield on the bus and stubs, all without the need for a computer or cumbersome equipment. 

The DBT300 adds the capability to measure Return Loss and Insertion Loss to easily benchmark network characteristics.

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Quick, Easy Testing: 
One-Person Operation

Now one person can easily detect shorts, opens, crossovers and shorts-to-shield on the bus and stubs, all from the easily accessible Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) ends of the stub cables.

Cordless Battery Powered

Uses a supplied 9V rechargeable battery, or in an emergency a standard 9V battery can be used. Longer battery life is made possible by the press-to-test feature of the tester so the main unit only draws current when a button is pushed.

Easy-to-Read Status Display

  • LCD digital read out for resistance, insertion and return loss
  • LED pass/fail indicators




The DBT300 is shipped in its own carrying case and consists of an NH16746MA main unit, an NH16746R remote unit, NH14017BC battery chargers for the main and remote units and two 3 foot cable assemblies with PL73 connectors attached. It also includes 9V batteries.




The tester is provided with two 3-foot MIL-STD-17/176-00002 cables with a PL73 push-on type connector on each end. Consult the factory for custom cables or adapters.



About Beta

Beta Transformer, a subsidiary of DDC, is the world leader in high performance military, commercial, and space qualified magnetic components. Beta Transformer developed many of the world’s smallest transformers and inductors, and is recognized for superior quality and performance. The Beta Transformer product line now includes North Hills Signal Processing Corporation, which expands our product and technology portfolio with new MIL-STD-1553, RF Wideband, Interface, and Power Magnetic solutions. For high volume magnetics requiring globally competitive pricing, utilizes its AS9100 Rev C certified facilities in Ensenada and Matamoros Tamaulipas, Mexico.