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Part Number(s): BU-61740, BU-61840, BU-61860
Package: .80 x .80 inches
Lead Free Information: D

The Micro-ACE® (µ-ACE) plastic BGA is the industry's smallest MIL-STD-1553 terminal with a package footprint of .80 inches square. In addition to having the smallest body footprint, the µ-ACE eliminates the real estate occupied by gull wing package leads. As a result, the µ-ACE provides an ideal 1553 solution for applications where PC board space is at a premium.

The µ-ACE terminals integrate dual transceiver, protocol logic, and either 4K words or 64K words of internal RAM. The µ-ACE's architecture is identical to the Enhanced Mini-ACE®, and is compatible with the previous Mini-ACE (Plus) and ACE generations.

A salient feature of the µ-ACE is its advanced bus controller architecture. This provides methods to control message scheduling, the means to minimize host overhead for asynchronous message insertion, facilitate bulk data transfers and double buffering, and support various message retry and bus switching strategies. The card's remote terminal architecture provides flexibility in meeting all common MIL-STD-1553 protocols. The choice of RT data buffering and interrupt options provides robust support for synchronous and asynchronous messaging, while ensuring data sample consistency and supporting bulk data transfers. The µ-ACE's monitor mode provides true message monitoring, and supports filtering on an RT address/T/R Bit/subaddress basis.

The µ-ACE incorporates fully autonomous built-in self-tests of its internal protocol logic and RAM. The µ-ACE terminals provide the same flexibility in host interface configurations as the ACE / Mini-ACE, along with a reduction in the host processor's worst case holdoff time.

APPLICATION Ideal solution for an embedded 5 Volt fully integrated 1553 dual redundant interface where real estate is at a premium.

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  • Industry's Smallest 1553 Terminal
  • 128-Ball Plastic BGA Package
  • 0.140 inch Max Height
  • Enhanced Mini-ACE™ Architecture
  • Multiple Configurations:
    • RT-only, 4K RAM
    • BC/RT/Monitor, 4K RAM
    • BC/RT/Monitor, 64K RAM
  • Supports 1553A/B Notice 2, McAir, STANAG 3838 Protocols
  • Compatible With Mini-ACE™ and ACE Generations
  • Operates from Either 5V or 3.3V Logic Power
  • Highly Autonomous BC with Built-In Message Sequence Controller
  • Choice of Single, Double, and Circular RT Buffering Options
  • Selective Message Monitor
  • Comprehensive Built-In Self-Test
  • Choice Of 10, 12, 16, or 20 Mhz Clock Input



 Product Brief

Micro-ACE, Micro-ACE TE and PCI-Micro-ACE TE


BU-6174X/6184X/6186X Enhanced Miniature Advanced Communications Engine

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 Users Guide

Enhanced Mini-ACE - Test Evaluation Data

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Enhanced Mini-ACE Users Guide Vol. 2 - Hardware Reference

 Application Note

#23 Processor to ACE Interfaces

#24 ACE RT Memory Management Options

#27 Electrical and Layout Considerations for 1553 Terminal Design

#29 Upgrading From ACE to MINI-ACE MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Terminals

#32 Enhanced MINI-ACE Architecture Offloads Host Processor For BC Applications

#35 Enhanced Mini-Ace Built-In Self-Test


#46 - Integrating the BU-69092 RTL with an Enhanced Mini-ACE Component in VxWorks

#49 - BGA User's Guide

Host Interface Performance for MIL-STD-1553 Terminals

Lightning Protection for Discrete Logic I/O


Total COTS Solutions for Embedded 1553

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Description: MIL-STD-1553 AceXtreme C SDK for Windows (.NET Support Available - Contact Factory)
Operating System: Windows XP (32 bit) & Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
Rev: 3.6.15 [icon] 3.6.15
File Size: 79 MB

Description: MIL-STD-1553 AceXtreme C SDK for Linux
Operating System: Linux 3.x.x
Rev: 3.13.7 [icon] 3.13.7
File Size: 51 MB

Description: MIL-STD-1553 AceXtreme C SDK for VxWorks
Operating System: VxWorks 6.x / 7.0
Rev: 3.11.9 [icon] 3.11.9
File Size: 30 MB

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