Meet With Us...

If you would like to meet with our product line experts and executives to support your technical and program development needs, we’ve listed the upcoming trade shows where we will be exhibiting our industry leading connectivity, power, and motion control solutions. The upcoming shows listed below include an invitation to request a meeting with DDC, and the past shows listed below include photos from our prior exhibits.


Recent Tradeshows

Land Systems Seminar

November 24-25
Ankara, Turkey

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RHET (Radiation Hardened Electronic Technologies conference)

November 7-10
Orlando, Florida

AUSA 2022

October 10-12
Washington, DC
Booth #: 3911

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RADECS (Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems)

October 3-7
Venice, Italy

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Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects (NSREC) Conference

July 18-22
Provo, Utah
Booth #: 309

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ASSK (Avionics Systems Symposium Korea 2022)

July 7 -8, 2022
Ananti Hilton Busan, South Korea

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Aircraft Interiors Expo

June 14-16
Hamburg, Germany
Booth #: 4B60

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Air and Avionics Systems Seminar

June 2-3
Ankara, Turkey

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Single Event Effects (SEE) Symposium

May 16-19
La Jolla, California


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