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First Ceramic Hermetic DDR2 Memory Available for Space!

Bohemia, New York (June 2019) – Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces the first CCGA Rad-Hard DDR2 SDRAM for space applications, the latest addition to DDC's wide range of high density space grade ceramic hermetic memories, spanning Flash (NAND/NOR), SDRAM, SRAM and EEPROM solutions. The new DDR2 (97D2H) offers up to 8 Gb of SDRAM in a compact CCGA package, providing a highly reliable and flexible memory solution for long dependable use and ease of design. The hermetic ceramic packaging provides excellent radiation tolerance for TID (>100 krad orbit/mission dependent) and Single Event Effects (no latch up), while the universal package accommodates multiple density and data width options to enable simplified board design, system integration and error correction implementation.
Benefits include:

  • Greater Performance
    • Provides higher speed SDRAM (400 MHz) to increase memory throughput and maximize application efficiency
  • High Reliability
    • Hermetically sealed ceramic CCGA package enables long dependable use and ease of design
    • Excellent radiation tolerance for TID (>100 krad* dependent on mission) and Single Event Effects (no latch up) and comes with a radiation guarantee
    • Full die lot traceability and die lot TID testing ensures consistent, reliable performance from every part
    • 5 screening flows from "Engineering" to "Flight Class" provide multiple options to match your budget to your needs and mission requirements
  • Flexibility / Ease of Design
    • Universal compact package for multiple density & data width options enables simplified board design and system integration
    • Up to 8 Gb in a single CCGA package with small footprint (1.1 in x .717 in) & low height profile (.325 in)
    • Wide data bus options (x8, x16, x32, x48, x64, x80), for simple connectivity to Rad-Hard FPGAs, ASICs and processors, with support for implementation of various error correction schemes

“DDC’s hermetically sealed ceramic DDR2 represents the next generation of space level SDRAM, offering the highest radiation tolerance (>100 krad) possible, while featuring a wide range of data bus options to allow for simple connectivity with rad-hard FPGAs, ASICs and processors”, stated Dan Veenstra, Business Unit Manager – Space. 

Please contact your local DDC Salesperson for further information on these parts, as well as our DDRx roadmap.


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