400 HZ Mini Power Transformers

MPT-1S-1-01A, MPT-1S-1-01B, MPT-1S-1-02A, MPT-1S-1-02B, MPT-1S-1-03A, MPT-1S-1-03B, MPT-1S-1-04A, MPT-1S-1-04B, MPT-1S-1-05A, MPT-1S-1-05B, MPT-1S-1-06A, MPT-1S-1-06B, MPT-1S-1-07A, MPT-1S-1-07B, MPT-1S-1-08A, MPT-1S-1-08B, MPT-1S-1-09A, MPT-1S-1-09B, MPT-1S-1-10A, MPT-1S-1-10B, MPT-1S-1-11A, MPT-1S-1-11B, MPT-1S-1-12A, MPT-1S-1-12B, MPT-1S-1-13A, MPT-1S-1-13B, MPT-1S-1-14A, MPT-1S-1-14B, MPT-1S-1-15A, MPT-1S-1-15B, MPT-1S-1-16A, MPT-1S-1-16B, MPT-1S-1-17A, MPT-1S-1-17B, MPT-1S-1-18A, MPT-1S-1-18B, MPT-1S-1-19A, MPT-1S-1-19B, MPT-1S-1-20A, MPT-1S-1-20B, MPT-1S-1-21A, MPT-1S-1-21B, MPT-1S-1-22A, MPT-1S-1-22B, MPT-1S-1-23A, MPT-1S-1-23B, MPT-1S-1-24A, MPT-1S-1-24B, MPT-1S-1-25A, MPT-1S-1-25B, MPT-1S-1-26A, MPT-1S-1-26B, MPT-1S-1-27A, MPT-1S-1-27B, MPT-1S-1-28A, MPT-1S-1-28B, MPT-1S-1-29A, MPT-1S-1-29B, MPT-1S-1-30A, MPT-1S-1-30B, MPT-1S-1-31A, MPT-1S-1-31B, MPT-1S-1-32A, MPT-1S-1-32B, MPT-1S-1-33A, MPT-1S-1-33B, MPT-1S-1-34A, MPT-1S-1-34B, MPT-1S-1-35A, MPT-1S-1-35B, MPT-1S-1-36A, MPT-1S-1-36B, MPT-1S-1-37A, MPT-1S-1-37B, MPT-1S-1-38A, MPT-1S-1-38B, MPT-1S-1-39A, MPT-1S-1-39B, MPT-1S-1-4
Base Part #:
MPT Series
Lead Free Code:
A Plastic Components: The Lead-free option for these products is available with a Matte Tin finish. DDC can provide the reliability and tin whisker growth data associated with these products; however, tin whisker growth is dependent on the application environment and customers should collect their own reliability data and perform a risk assessment based on their individual requirements.
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