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DDC’s Single Board Computer successfully deployed on JAXA’s GOSAT-2 Mission!

Bohemia, New York (Feb 2019) – Data Device Corporation (DDC) announces another successful flight of its SCS750® Single Board Computer (SBC) on the Second Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT-2). Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and JAXA successfully launched H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 40 (H-IIA F40,) which encapsulates the GOSAT-2 satellite, on October 29, 2018 from the JAXA Tanegashima Space Center. The launch and flight of H-IIA F40 proceeded as planned. As of late October, the satellite had completed the Critical Operations phase, and moved into its Operational Phase and has been operating successfully since then.
DDC provided a subcontractor to JAXA, Harris Corporation of Fort Wayne IN, with two flight SBCs for one of the key environmental sensor instruments on the satellite. Harris-built the TANSO-FTS-2 (Thermal and Near Infrared Sensor for Carbon Observation-Fourier Transform Spectrometer-2) that will measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The instrument will collect high-spectral resolution data of the Earth in five bands, which enables measurement during daylight and darkness. The instrument’s unique intelligent pointing system identifies, in real time, cloud-free areas of the atmosphere, greatly increasing the amount of useable data.

“DDC’s single board computer is a key component of the Harris-built environmental instrument with its reliability and high-speed processing,” said Paul Wloszek, Harris Environmental Solutions sensors director. 

“DDC is excited to have supported the JAXA/Harris team on the success of such a key instrument for the GOSAT-2 mission, which will provide important Earth science data, contributing to global greenhouse gas observations and climate change-related policies. Our team would like to extend our congratulations to everyone involved on the successful launch and operation”, stated Dan Veenstra, General Manager of DDC’s Space Microelectronics group located in Poway, CA, where the SCS750® are designed and manufactured. “Since inception, more than 20 years ago, our electronic components (more than 100,000 shipped) and TRL-9 Single Board Computers have experienced zero failures in space, which will help to ensure the success of the GOSAT-2 Program.”

Please visit this website for more information on all of DDC’s products for Space: http://www.ddc-web.com/Products/SpaceME.aspx 

SCS750® Single Board Computer Highlights:    
DDC’s SCS750 series single board computers for space offer a variety of interface options, including SpaceWire, and provide up to 64 GB of error-protected NAND Flash memory, all in an industry standard 6u cPCI form factor. DDC’s single board computers provide the best SEE performance (less than one error in 80 years) to yield high performance low-risk (TRL-9) computing solutions for the most demanding space applications. Since inception, more than 20 years ago, our electronic components and single board computers have experienced zero failures in space!

  • Proven Reliability
    • Proven in space: TRL-9 since 2013
    • Utilized with confidence in the most critical missions
    • 1 in 80 year board level SEE rate (GEO)
    • TID > 100krad(Si); SEL immune
  • Optimized Performance
    • Incorrect transactions are never generated
    • Seamless error correction
    • Software controlled Speed/Power: 200-1800 MIPS; 7-30W typical
    • Error-corrected memory (SDRAM and EEPROM)
    • cPCI; MIL-STD-1553, serial/parallel interfaces available
    • Utilizes reliable silicon-on-insulator Power PC processors and radiation hardened parts, in conjunction with triple redundant processing algorithms that provide comprehensive error detection and correction.

Data Device Corporation (DDC) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability Connectivity, Power and Control solutions (Data Networking Components to Processor Based Subsystems, Space Qualified SBCs and Radiation Hardened Components; Power Distribution, Control and Conversion; Motor Control and Motion Feedback) for aerospace, defense, space, and industrial applications. With awards for quality, delivery, and support, DDC has served these industries as a trusted resource for more than 50 years... providing proven solutions that are optimized for efficiency, reliability, and performance. Data Device Corporation brands include DDC, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation, National Hybrid Inc., North Hills Signal Processing Corp., Pascall Electronics Ltd., and XCEL Power Systems Ltd. DDC is headquartered in Bohemia, NY and has manufacturing operations in New York, California, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.