Balun Transformers - General Purpose 1 kHz - 125 MHz

0001BA, 0001BB, 0001HB, 0009LA, 0009LB, 0010BA, 0010BB, 0101BA, 0101BB, 0101HB, 0104LA, 0104LB, 0111BA, 0111BB, 0200BA, 0200BB, 0200HB, 0202BA, 0202BB, 0203LA, 0203LB, 0300BA, 0300BB, 0300HB, 0301BA, 0301BB, 0302BA, 0302BB, 0303LA, 0303LB, 0306LA, 0306LB, 0307BA, 0307BB, 0307HB, 0310BA, 0310BB, 0310HB, 0311LA, 0311LB, 0312BA, 0312BB, 0400BA, 0400BB, 0400HB, 0401BA, 0401BB, 0415LA, 0415LB, 0500BA, 0500BB, 0500HB, 0501BA, 0501BB, 0501HB, 0511LA, 0511LB, 0517LA, 0517LB, 0520BA, 0520BB, 0521BA, 0521BB, 0600BA, 0600BB, 0600HB, 0602BA, 0602BB, 0603LA, 0603LB, 0700BA, 0700BB, 0700HB, 0703BA, 0703BB, 0706LA, 0706LB, 0800BA, 0800BB, 0800HB, 0801BA, 0801BB, 0802LB, 0802LBA, 0900BA, 0900BB, 0900HB, 0902BA, 0902BB, 0904BA, 0904BB, 0904HB, 1000BA, 1000BB, 1000HB, 1001BA, 1001BB, 1002LA, 1002LB, 1100BA, 1100BB, 1100HB, 1102LA, 1102LB, 1112BA, 1112BB, 1200BA, 1200BB, 1200HB, 1201BA, 1201BB, 1202LA, 1202LB, 1300BA, 1300BB, 1300HB, 1301LA, 1301LB, 1302BA, 1302BB, 1302HB, 1310BA, 1310BB, 1311BA, 1311BB, 1312LA, 1312LB, 1314LA, 1314LB, 1315BA, 1315BB, 1317BA, 1317BB, 1317HB, 1318LA, 1318LB, 1319BA, 1319BB, 1320BA, 1320BB, 1320HB, 1400BA, 1400BB, 1400HB, 1404LA, 1404LB, 1
Base Part #:
Balun Transformers - General Purpose
Lead Free Code:
A Plastic Components: The Lead-free option for these products is available with a Matte Tin finish. DDC can provide the reliability and tin whisker growth data associated with these products; however, tin whisker growth is dependent on the application environment and customers should collect their own reliability data and perform a risk assessment based on their individual requirements.
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