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Installations of the Compact-AIC
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DDC’s is excited to announce that it will be delivering its first production lot of the Compact Avionics Interface Computer (C-AIC) BU-67125W001R for use in the US Navy’s MH-60 Helicopter. The C-AIC has been designed into a variety of applications including military aerospace (fixed wing & rotary) and commercial aerospace, and is being evaluated for use on ground vehicles and missile bench test applications.

Furthermore, the C-AIC has successfully achieved sub-system qualification for rotary wing aircraft, and compliancy to RE102 (MIL-STD-461) for all military vehicles.

Qualifications include:

  • Functional Shock (DO-160, Section 7.2.1)

  • Crash Safety (DO-160, Section 7.3.3)

  • Vibration (DO-160, Section 8 Category R)
  • Temperature and Altitude (DO-160 Section 4.5 Category B1)
  • Salt Fog (DO-160, Section 14-S)
  • Rain (DO-160, Section 10.0 Category W)
  • Explosive Atmosphere (DO-160 Section 9.3.2 Category E)

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SWaP-C Optimized System

  • Rugged Deployable Compact Enclosure
  • High Computing Performance, with Low Power Consumption
  • Various COTS Offerings Provide Program Cost Savings

Multi-Protocol Flexibility

  • Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/717, CANbus 2.0/ARINC 825, RS-232/422/485, Avionics/Digital Discrete I/O, Video, Audio
  • 3 modes (Remote Access, Protocol Conversion, and Standalone)
  • Expandable: (2) Mini-PCIe sites and (1) I/O Expansion Module

Applications include:

  • Remote Access Mode – Embedded Tester/Simulator
    • Simulate / analyze sensors from application running on remote computer
  • Protocol Conversion Mode – Data Concentrator
    • Analyze, convert & consolidate multiple I/O types into a single port
  • Embedded Solutions Mode – Mission Computer
    • Mission application runs on the C-AIC
    • Interface with platform sensors & terminals
    • Data Bus Protocol Conversion