DDC's team of design, process, and software engineers, representing a span of expertise from Analog and Digital technology to High Speed data networking, FPGA, and ASIC design, create integrated hardware and software solutions for true COTS/MOTS support. This range of technology allows us to optimize data solutions for a customer's application, whether that application is best supported by surface mount boards, or by space grade hybrid components. DDC's product specific menus, libraries, and driver software provide software integration and support for many operating systems, including Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT, VxWorks, Linux, and Integrity. Furthermore, this high level of in-house design provides our customers with the security of ongoing support for their long-term projects.

With instant access to all military, commercial, and industrial standards, and a host of hardware, software and CAD design and computer simulation, DDC's engineers integrate accuracy and reliability into the smallest form factor component and board solutions possible. DDC's designs are further enhanced by a network of process development and test evaluation, guaranteeing the success and longevity of all our solutions. This success is reflected in a broad range of technologies, from data bus networking, and synchro/resolver conversion, to motor drives and power controllers, and across an expanse of applications and standards, including intellectual property solutions.

DDC's data networking, data conversion and power control solutions are optimized to meet the most stringent reliability, data rate, and bandwidth standards while remaining cost effective and compact solutions. The successful combination of superior design, and efficient process development empowers DDC's engineers to support field critical military, aerospace and commercial programs such as the F-16, the B-1 Bomber, the M1A2 tank, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, the New Horizons spacecraft, and the Boeing 767 Tanker aircraft.

Our engineers form creative partnerships with clients, collaborating on custom data solutions to application dependant designs. These partnerships continue from initial concept to final production, providing initial design, breadboard fabrication, prototype assembly and evaluation, system and subsystem design, pilot production fabrication and testing, as well as full-scale production.

Being involved in the creation and definition, as well as the application, of data networking standards such as ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, High Performance 1553, and Fibre Channel, enables DDC to provide a rich database of knowledge and customer support.