Synchro Resolver Components

DDC is the world's leading supplier of Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital (S/R-D), and Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver (D-S/R) components - the smallest, most accurate converters available, and the building blocks for DDC's card level products. Most of these chip and hybrid converters are based on custom monolithic designs, yielding the most reliable converters ever offered.

BETA TransformersFor corresponding transformers please see the
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Synchro/Resolver/LVDT/RVDT to Digital Converters
(Arc Minutes)
ResolutionSpecial FeaturesProduct Number
Synchro / Resolver / LVDT / RVDT to Digital1810,12,14High Temperature RD-1930X
Coming Soon
1810,12,14Serial Output (SPI) Resolver-to-Digital Converter with Integrated Reference Oscillator RD-19242
Coming Soon
11, 2, 410,12,14,161st Choice Monolithic, Synthesized Reference, A Quad B Emulation, Dual Bandwidth, Switch on the Fly, 1.3 Min Accuracy RD-19230
11, 2, 410,12,14,16Development Kit with Evaluation Board for RD-19230 Series RD-19230EX-300
1810,12,14Monolithic, Low Cost, For High Volume Orders, Synthesized Reference, A Quad B Emulation, Dual Bandwidth, Programmable Resolution RD-19240
1810,12,14Development Kit with Evaluation Board for RD-19240 Series RD-19240EX-300
12, 410,12,14,16Monolithic, Programmable Resolution, 2.3 Min Accuracy RDC-19220/2/4
12, 410,12,14,16Monolithic, Programmable Resolution, Synthesized Reference, 2.3 Min Accuracy RDC-19220/2/S
Synchro / Resolver to Digital11, 2, 410,12,14,161st Choice Hybrid, +5V Only, Small Package, Complete Solution SD-14550
21, 2, 410,12,14,161st Choice Hybrid, 2 Channel, +5V Only SD-14620
31, 2, 414,161st Choice Hybrid, Triple Channel, High Density Packaging SDC-14610
12, 4, 8, 2110,12,14Internal Transformer or SS Isolated Module SDC-630/2/4A/ST
11, 2, 514, 16Low cost, high reliability, single +5 Volt power supply, programmable resolution, BIT, quality velocity output SD-14531
22, 414,16Small Size Hybrid, Velocity or Bit Output, 2.3 Min Accuracy, 14/16 Bit Resolution SDC-14600
11, 2, 4, 610,12,14,16Hybrid, High Accuracy, CT Mode SDC-14560
11, 2, 410,12,14,16Hybrid, High Bandwidth to 10 KHZ, 1.3 Min Accuracy, 10, 12, 14, 16 Bit Resolution SDC-14580
11, 2, 414,16Hybrid, 1.3 Min Accuracy, 14/16 Bit Resolution, Synthesized Reference SD-14590/1/2
11, 2, 414,16Hybrid, 1.3 Min Accuracy, 14/16 Bit Resolution, Single +5V Supply, Synthesized Reference SD-14595/6/7
1513Hybrid, Built-In Detection of any Single Open Synchro Line SDC-14545
Digital to Synchro and Resolver Conversion
Special FeaturesProduct Number
Digital to Resolver Converter2,6.81,11.8 or Scalable Down2 maDC to 10KHZ Hybrid DR-11525
6.8 or Scalable Down2 ma1st Choice Hybrid, Two Channel, Gain Control, DC to 1 KHZ DRC-11522
6.8 or Scalable Down2 VADC to 1KHZ Hybrid DRC-10520
Digital to Synchro / Resolver Converter11.8, 901.5 VALow Profile, 60/400HZ, Module DSC-644
11.8, 6.8 or Scalable Down2 maHybrid, Low Power, Pin Programmable, Synchro/Resolver Output, DC to 1KHZ DSC-11520
11.8, 6.8 or Scalable Down15 maHybrid, 11.8V L-L  Synchro / Resolver Outputs, DC to 1 kHz DSC-11524
Digital to Synchro Converter11.8 or Scalable Down7 VA1st Choice Hybrid Bit Output, DC to 1KHZ DSC-10510
904.5 VAPowered by Ref Input and +5V, 60/400HZ, Module DSC-544/545
Synchro and Resolver Special Function
FunctionPackageSpecial FeaturesProduct Number
11.8V Resistor Network16 Pin Plastic DIP11.8V Thin film Resistor Network DDC-49530
16 Pin Plastic Surface Mount11.8V Thin film Resistor Network DDC-57470
2V Differential Resistor Network16 Pin Plastic Surface Mount2V Differential Thin film Resistor Network DDC-73089
2V Resistor Network16 Pin Ceramic DIP2V Thin film Resistor Network DDC-55688-1
90V Resistor Network16 Pin Ceramic DIP90V Thin film Resistor Network DDC-49590
16 Pin Ceramic Surface Mount90V Thin film Resistor Network DDC-57471
Booster AmplifierModule90V Synchro, or 6.81V, 5V, or 2V Resolver input to 90V Synchro 25VA, 60/400Hz output, compact size model SBA-3500x New
Oscillator18 DDIPRadiation Tolerant Synchro/Resolver/Inductosyn® Reference Oscillator OSC-15803
18 DDIP1st Choice Programmable Frequency Reference Oscillator. 400 Hz - 20 kHz OSC-15801
18 DDIPProgrammable Frequency Reference Oscillator with AGC Amplitude Control. 400 Hz - 10 kHz OSC-15802


  1. Package Type designation refers to the number of pins along with style of package. P – plug-in, F – flat pack, DDIP – double dip, TDIP – triple dip, QFP – quad flat pack, TQFP – thin quad flat pack, J – J lead, PGA – Pin Grid Array.
  2. Standard product also available in equivalent size flat pack.
  3. Optional packaging available for many products, consult factory