About Solid State Power Components
Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) / Remote Power Contollers (RPCs) replace traditional electromechanical components in power switching and distribution systems. DDC is the world's largest supplier of RPCs based on the M1A2 (TANK) production contract. We are also the first to offer commercial and fully qualified MIL-PRF-38534, 883B screened, 28 Vdc RPCs. DDCs RPC's support computer control, based on real-time digital status reporting. Plus, they are equipped with instant trip, true I 2 T wire protection, and real time status outputs, with solid-state reliability. Included in the RPC product line are 270 Vdc units with current ratings of 2 through 15 amps, and 28 Vdc units from 1 through 80 amperes.