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Field-Proven, High-Reliability SSPCs and RPCs

As the world’s largest supplier of Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) and Remote Power Controllers (RPCs), DDC was the first to offer commercial and fully-qualified MIL-PRF-38534 and Class K Space-level screening for these products. Highly reliable, these products are used in the Bradley fighting vehicles and M1A2 tank.

SSPCs and RPCs replace traditional electromechanical relays and circuit breakers in power distribution systems, offering more accurate trip protection with solid-state reliability.

DDC’s SSPCs and RPCs support real-time digital status reporting and computer control, and are equipped with instant trip, and true I²T wire protection. We offer custom SSPC / RPC modules that are rated up to 300 amps, and multi-channel boards that are rated up to 25 amps per channel. Multi-channel boards that use this technology are excellent cost effective solutions, as the price per channel is significantly reduced.

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