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Space & Radiation Hardened – Switches & Multiplexers

Space & Radiation Hardened – Switches & Multiplexers

DDC offers a range of Multiplexers featuring up to 128 channels, which include DDC's proprietary RAD-PAK® shielding. Rad-Pak® is a hermetic ceramic package shielding technology that reduces the Total Ionizing Dose (TID) received by the semiconductor components in the package by orders of magnitude from the total ionizing dose environment exterior to the package. This allows us to put commercial semiconductors with only moderate total dose tolerance in the high total dose environments encountered in space.

Part # Number of Channels Suppy Voltage Temperature Range Fault Protected On Resistance
8 ±4.5 to ±18V -55°C to +125°C Yes 1.8k Ohms
16 ±4.5V to ±20V (Dual Supplies) +4.5V to +30V (Single Supply) -55°C to +125°C Yes 125 Ohms (Dual Supplies) 175 Ohms (Single Supply)
16 ±4.5V to ±20V (Dual Supplies) +4.5V to +30V (Single Supply) -55°C to +125°C No 500 Ohms (Dual Supplies) 650 Ohms (Single Supply)
128 -15V to +15V -55°C to +125°C Yes 9.0k Ohms Positive Output Ohms Resistance