About Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel is a high-speed networking technology deployed on a number of military/aerospace platforms and programs including the F-18E/F, F-16, F-35, B1-B, B-2, E-2D, the Apache Longbow and MMH helicopters, and AESA Radar. Applications for Fibre Channel include mission computers, processor and DSP clusters; data storage; video processing, distribution, and displays; sensors such as radar, FLIR, and video; serial backplanes and IFF.

DDC’s Fibre Channel product line includes the FibreACCESS Network Access Controller (NAC) and the FibreMATRIX Switch, both specifically designed to support high-speed and high-reliability data networking applications. These products were developed using in-house intellectual property independent of the life cycles of commercial devices. Ruggedness options for DDC’s Fibre Channel cards include a choice of air and conduction cooling, enabling operation over extended temperature ranges without the need for upscreening.