Fibre Channel Cards

DDC has developed its line of high-speed Fibre Channel products to support the real-time processing demands of field-critical data networking between sensors, computer nodes, data storage, displays, and weapons, for air, sea, and ground military vehicles.

The FibreACCESS fibre channel PMC Network Access Controller (NAC) cards provide leading edge performance. This includes the capability to sustain “near line rate” data throughput of 106.25 or 212.5 MB/s, when operating at 1 or 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel signaling rates respectively, along with a memory-to-memory latency of less than 20 µS. The FibreACCESS fibre channel PMC cards are designed to operate in harsh environments, at temperatures from -40 °C to +85°C at the conduction cooled thermal interface.

Like FibreACCESS, the 16-port FibreMATRIX Fibre Channel fabric switch also supports Class 2 acknowledged and Class 3 unacknowledged Fibre Channel service. Based on DDC's own Fibre Channel technology, FibreMATRIX's architecture is optimized to meet the performance,reliability, and demanding environmental requirements of embedded, real time, military applications. FibreMATRIX's flexible, FPGA-based architecture can be tailored to a wide range of specific system requirements. DDC's FibreMATRIX technology has been designed to endure the multi-decade life cycle demands of military/aerospace programs, continuing DDC's demonstrated commitment as a long-term military COTS supplier of data networking products. Other features targeted for military applications include support for implicit login, 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet and RS-232 serial configuration ports; and ELS Clock Sync. In addition, the FibreMATRIX switch's universal port design provides scalability to networks with higher port counts.

Basic FunctionForm FactorNo. of ChannelsOtherPart Number
Network Access Controller XMC 2 FC-75500 New
PMC 2 FC-75300 New
PMC 2 FC-75100
PMC 2 FC-75000
High-Speed 1760 PMC 2 FC-75400 New
PMC 2 FC-752XX
Switch VME/Custom 16 FC-76000