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Enhanced Mini-ACE®


Part Number(s): BU-61743, BU-61744, BU-61745, BU-61843, BU-61844, BU-61845, BU-61863, BU-61864, BU-61865
Package: 72 Pin Quad Flat Pack (1.0 x 1.0)
Lead Free Information: C

MIL-STD-1553 Enhanced-Mini-ACE®. Fully Integrated, 5 Volt Only, MIL-STD-1553 A/B STANAG 3838 Compliant Terminals.

The need for DO-254 compliance is becoming increasingly prevalent in the industry, with FAA regulations requiring DO-254 compliance for new military air transport and helicopter applications. DO-254 was developed by the avionics industry to establish hardware deployment guidelines for developers, verification engineers, quality managers, installers, and users. Hardware design, safety features, and in-service experience are just a few of the items involved in DO-254 certification, and subcontractors are struggling with how to certify their systems to DO-254.

DDC can help customers achieve DO-254 certification for designs using the Enhanced Mini-ACE and Mini-ACE Mark 3 family of products. The support package is available from DDC upon request and provides information useful to obtain DO-254 certification.

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 Product Brief

BU-6174X/6184X/6186X Enhanced Mini-ACE 1553 Terminal


BU-6174X/6184X/6186X Enhanced Miniature Advanced Communications Engine

 Users Guide

Enhanced Mini-ACE - Test Evaluation Data

Enhanced Mini-ACE - Reliability Reports

Enhanced Mini-ACE Users Guide Vol. 1 - Architectural Reference

Enhanced Mini-ACE Users Guide Vol. 2 - Hardware Reference

 Application Note

#23 Processor to ACE Interfaces

#24 ACE RT Memory Management Options

#27 Electrical and Layout Considerations for 1553 Terminal Design

#29 Upgrading From ACE to MINI-ACE MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Terminals

#32 Enhanced MINI-ACE Architecture Offloads Host Processor For BC Applications

#35 Enhanced Mini-Ace Built-In Self-Test


#46 - Integrating the BU-69092 RTL with an Enhanced Mini-ACE Component in VxWorks

#49 - BGA User's Guide

Lightning Protection for Discrete Logic I/O


Total COTS Solutions for Embedded 1553

 Generic Document

Data Bus Boards and Components Flyer

Data Bus Boards, Modules, and Software Flyer

Enhanced Mini-ACE Brochure

MIL-STD-1553 Designer's Guide

DDC Custom Solutions Brochure

DDC Product Catalog

DDC Corporate Overview



Description: 32-Bit Enhanced Mini-ACE Runtime Library and Device Drivers (Note: BU-65568 only includes NT support)
Operating System: Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
Rev: 1.9.0 [icon] 1.9.0
File Size: 3 MB

Description: Enhanced Mini-ACE Software
Operating System: LINUX
File Size: 1 MB

Description: Enhanced Mini-ACE Software Toolbox
Operating System: VxWorks
File Size: 186 KB

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 Ordering Information

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