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S/D or R/D and D/S or D/R Converter, VXI, High Performance

Discontinued Product. Please contact the factory for the latest replacement.


Part Number(s): IAC-37001
Package: C Size VXI Card (9.2 x 13.4 x 1.2 inches)
Lead Free Information: B

The IAC-37001 is a Register Based “C” size VXI card containing separate Synchro/Resolver Angle Generation and Synchro/Resolver Angle Measurement instruments. Each instrument is totally independent from the other and can be programmed to operate in either the Synchro or Resolver mode at 11.8, 26, or 90 volts Line-to-Line over the frequency range of 360 to 5000 Hz.

The Measurement section allows selection of 20 or 16 Bit Binary resolution. The Generation section has a resolution of 16 Bits with an accuracy of ±25 arc sec at no load and ±36 arc sec with a 1.5 VA Synchro or Resolver load.

A Dynamic Rotation feature for the Generator provides the user with constant angular rotation either clockwise or counter clockwise via a programmed data rate, or by means of external speed and direction signals.

The two instruments can be connected together under program control to implement full wrap-around test capability.

A software driver in “C” is available on request.


  • Independent D/S and S/D Functions
  • Programmable:
    • Wrap-Around Self-Test
    • L-L Voltage
    • Synchro/Resolver
    • Resolution
    • Dynamic Rate and Direction
    • Internal/External Rate Signals
  • Fault Register
  • Powered from the ±12 and +5 on the P1 Connector
  • VXI:
    • ‘C’ Size Card
    • A16/D16 Format
    • Register Based Device





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Description: vxi Source File. LabWindows CVI files only.
Operating System: LabWindows
Rev: - [icon] -
File Size: 68 KB

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