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ARINC 429 Single Line Receiver


Part Number(s): DD-41041
Package: SOIC

The ARINC 429 Line Receivers translate incoming ARINC 429 data bus signals to a pair of TTL/CMOS outputs and are a direct drop-in replacement for Holt line receivers.


  • Drop-in Pin for Pin Replacement for Holt HI-8588 and DEI-1041 Line Receivers
  • Life Cycle Management with Uninterrupted Product Availability
  • Average On Time Delivery Performance Over 99%
  • AS9001C Certification


  • Avionics Data Communication
  • ARINC Level to CMOS/TTL Conversion


  • Converts ARINC 429 Levels to TTL/CMOS Digital Data
  • Inputs Internally Protected to Lightning Requirements of DO-160G Level A3, waveforms 3, 4, and 5 with no additional protection required
  • +3.3V and 5V Operation
  • 8L SOIC Package
  • Two Volt Receiver Hysteresis
  • Includes Two TEST Inputs that Forces Outputs to ZERO, ONE, or NULL State



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DD-41041 ARINC 429 Single Line Receiver


ARINC 429 Single Line Receiver

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Ordering Information:

 Ordering Information

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Ordering Information: ARINC 429 Single Line Receiver [icon] ARINC 429 Single Line Receiver

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