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80387DX Math Coprocessor

Discontinued Product. Please contact the factory for the latest replacement.


Part Number(s): 80387DX

DDC's 80387DX high speed microcircuit features a greater than 100 kilorad (Si) total dose tolerance. Using DDC's radiation hardened RAD-PAK® packaging technology, the 80387DX is a high-performance numerics processor that extends the 80386DX architecture with floating point, extended integer and BCD data types. The computing system fully conforms to the ANSI/IEEE floating-point standard. Using a numerics oriented architecture, the 80387DX adds over seventy mnemonics to the 80386DX instruction set, making the 80386DX/80387DX a complete solution for high-performance numerics processing.

DDC's patented RAD-PAK packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. It eliminates the need for box shielding while providing the required radiation shielding for a lifetime in orbit or space mission. In a GEO orbit, RAD-PAK provides greater than 100 krad (Si) radiation dose tolerance. This product is available with screening up to Class S.


  • 80-Bit numeric processor
  • RAD-PAK® radiation hardened against natural space radiation
  • Total dose hardness:
    • > 100 krad (Si) - dependent upon space mission
  • Single Event Effects:
    • SEU Threshold is ~ 3.38 MeV/mg/cm2
    • SEL Threshold = 37.1 - 59.9 MeV/mg/cm2
  • Package: 68-pin RAD-PAK® quad flat pack
  • Eight 80-bit numeric registers, usable as individual addressable general registers or as a register stack
  • Data types include:
    • 32-, 64-, 80-bit floating point
    • 32-, 64-bit integers
    • 18-digit BCD operands
  • 5 V Only power
  • Built-in exception handling
  • Upward object code compatible with All 80X87DX microprocessors
  • Full-range transcendental operations for SINE, COSINE, TANGENT, ARCTANGENT and LOGARITHM




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