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ARINC 429 PCI Card (PMC Series)

Discontinued Product. Please contact the factory for the latest replacement.


Part Number(s): DD-42916i3-300
Package: PCI Card
Lead Free Information: B

The DD-42916I3-300 is a DD-42916C1-300 PMC ARINC 429 card on a PCI carrier, which provides a PCI interface to an ARINC 429 data bus. The ARINC card contains a high performance processor used for data processing, time stamping, and engineering unit conversion. The DD-42916I3-300 efficiently transfers ARINC 429 data via dual port RAM accessed by both the host computer and the card.

DD-42916I3-300 software supports all modes of operation and includes 'C', LabVIEW and LabVIEW Real-Time, and LabWindows/CVI programming libraries. An optional Commercial Avionics Utilities Suite includes an ARINC 429 Data Bus Analyzer and an ARINC 615 Data Loader. Optional dataSIMS software provides powerful monitoring, extensive post analysis capabilities, and simulation capability.

With 16 programmable ARINC-429 receive/transmit channels, high/low speed operation, and engineering unit conversion; the DD-42916I3-300 is well suited to all types of ground support work, including development and manufacturing, testing, and on-board data acquisition. The DD-42916I3-300 ARINC 429 card equips LRU developers with easy access for simulating and testing new systems prior to use with actual flight systems. It can also be used by avionics maintenance and validation teams to perform end-item testing in the laboratory and onboard testing via portable PC’s.


  • (16) Independently Programmable Receiver/Transmitter, High/Low Speed ARINC 429 Channels
  • Supports High-Speed Data Rates on All ARINC Channels Simultaneously
  • (6) Discrete Inputs and (4) Discrete Outputs
  • Multiple Reception Methods
  • Receive Label/SDI Data Filtering and Data Time Stamping
  • Programmable Interrupt Support
  • On-Board Processor for Engineering Unit Conversions and Data Processing
  • Synchronous and Multiple Asynchronous Transmission Methods
  • Wraparound Internal Self Test for Each Channel
  • Command/Response Communication FIFO
  • Dual Port RAM for ARINC Data
  • Drivers and Run-Time Library Support for Windows® 9x/2000/XP, Windows NT®, Linux, and VxWorks®, Including LabVIEW® and LabVIEW® Real-Tiime, and LabWindows™/CVI Support
  • Optional Commercial Avionics Utilities 32-bit Software Suite
  • Optional dataMARS/dataSIMS 32-Bit Monitoring and Simulation Software

  • Compatible with DD-42999S0 Commercial Avionics Utilities Software

  • Compatible with dataSIMS



 Product Brief

ARINC 429 PCI Card


DD-42916i3-300 ARINC 429 PCI Card


42977_2mn ARINC 429

Hardware/Software Manual for the DD-42916C1-300 ARINC 429 PMC Module

 Application Note

dataSIMS Avionics I/O Support

 Generic Document

DDC Corporate Overview

DDC Product Catalog

DDC Custom Solutions Brochure



Operating System: Windows XP (32 bit) & Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
Rev: 4.5.1 [icon] 4.5.1
File Size: 98 MB

Description: Driver / Library
Support for C, Lab Windows, LabView, MXI
Operating System: Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
Rev: 1.4.9 [icon] 1.4.9
File Size: 6 MB

Description: Driver / Library Support for LINUX
Supports: DD-42916C1 / DD-42916i3 / DD-42916/32V3
Operating System: LINUX
Rev: 1.0.5 [icon] 1.0.5
File Size: 113 KB

Description: Driver / Library Support for VxWorks
Supports: DD-42916C1 / DD-42916i3 / DD-42916/32V3
Operating System: VxWorks
Rev: 1.0 [icon] 1.0
File Size: 234 KB

Description: ARINC 429 Commercial Avionics Utilities for Windows. 60-day full functional trial (requires DDC hardware). (Note: Certain products are compatible with DD-42999S0 software.)
Operating System: Windows XP (32 bit) & Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
Rev: 6.3.0 [icon] 6.3.0
File Size: 75 MB

Operating System: -
Rev: 1.3.9 [icon] 1.3.9
File Size: 27 KB

Firmware Update Utility Program
Description: The following program can be used in conjunction with an S19 file to update the card's firmware code.
Operating System: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Rev: Firmware Update Utility Program [icon]
File Size: 83 KB

PLX Chip Embedded Code
Description: PLX Chip Embedded Code
Operating System: -
Rev: 1.0 [icon] 1.0
File Size: 0 KB

PLX Chip Update Utility Program
Description: PLX Chip Update Utility Program
Operating System: Windows
Rev: - [icon] -
File Size: 53 KB

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