7809LP 16-Bit Latchup Protected Analog to Digital Converter

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Part Number(s):7809LP

DDC’s 7809LP high-speed 16-bit analog to digital converter features a greater than 100 kilorad (Si) total dose tolerance depending upon space mission. Using DDC’s radiation-hardened RAD-PAK® packaging technology is latchup protected by DDC’s Latchup Protection Technology (LPT™). It is a 24 pin, 16-bit sampling analog-to-digital converter using state-of-the art CMOS structures. The 7809LP contains a 16-bit capacitor based SAR A/D with S/H, reference, clock, interface for microprocessor use, and serial output drivers. The 7809LP is specified at a 100kHz sampling rate, and guaranteed over the full temperature range. Laser-trimmed scaling resistors provide various input ranges include ±10 V and 0 to 5 V, while the innovative design allows operation from a single +5 V supply, with power dissipation of under 132 mW.

DDC’s patented RAD-PAK® packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. It eliminates the need for box shielding while providing the required radiation shielding for a lifetime in orbit or space mission. In a GEO orbit, RAD-PAK® provides greater than 50 krad (Si) radiation dose tolerance. This product is available with screening up to DDC’s self-defined Class K.


  • RAD-PAK® radiation-hardened against natural space radiation
  • Total dose hardness:
    • >100 krad (Si), depending upon space mission
  • Latch-up Protection Technology (LPT™)
  • SEL converted into a reset
    • Rate based on cross section and mission
  • Package: 24 pin RAD-PAK flat package
  • 100 kHz min sampling rate
  • ±10 V and 0 V to 5 V input range
  • DNL: 15-bits “No Missing Codes”
  • 83 dB min SINAD with 20 kHz input
  • Single +5 V supply operation
  • Utilizes internal or external reference
  • Serial output
  • Power dissipation: 132 mW max




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