SCS750 Single Board Computer for Space


Part Number(s):SCS750

The SCS750® Single Board Computer is DDC’s answer to the space industry’s need for both mid- and high-performance computing, and on-board data processing requiring the upmost data management and manipulation on the spacecraft, which requires a large amount of processing power. The SCS750® SBC enables satellite designs to dramatically increase error-free, on-board data processing, mission planning, and critical decision-making.

The SCS750® SBC has been designed to operate in a cPCI system targeting high performance computing for the most demanding space applications. Its design decisions have been driven by a guarantee of the highest reliability and performance. DDC has developed a comprehensive strategy to provide total dose, latch-up, and upset hardness for the SCS750® SBC.


  • Proven in space — TRL-9
  • Best Single Event Performance
  • Seamless Error Correction
  • Wide Range of Processing Power
  • Highest Design Margin
  • Wide range of operating capability:
    • 200 — 1800 MIPS
    • 7 — 30 watts typical
  • Speed and power settings can be managed via software in real time; no reboot required.
  • Outstanding SBC radiation hardness
    • TID greater than 100 krad (Si)
    • SEU hard
    • SEL immune
  • Standard development platform — VxWorks®



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SCS750® Single Board Computers for Space


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