28V, Single Channel Remote SSPC Module


Part Number(s):RP-20011601S0

DDC's remote power controller module provides the capability to distribute and control power to independent subsystems, and enable system level power quality management through current and voltage feedback.


  • System Protection
    • Wiring/Load Protection
    • EMI Reduction
    • Prognostics/Diagnostics Data
    • Preventive and Automated Maintenance
  • Mission Benefits
    • Improved Mission Safety and Longevity
    • Power Budget Optimization and Planning
    • Power Reconstitution
    • Thermal Profile Reduction
  • More Efficiency
    • Crew Off-loading
    • Power Profiling and Analysis
    • Point-of-load Power Quality Analysis
    • Programmability Allows for Increase in Up-Time and Mission Readiness
  • Cost Savings
    • Weight and Integration Savings
    • Programmability Allows for Minimum Inventory
    • Energy Savings Through Load Shedding and Load Prioritization
    • Minimized Maintenance and Support
    • Field Upgradability Provides Protection from Obsolescence


  • Military Land Vehicles
  • Industrial Controls
  • Military/Commercial Ships
  • Weapon Systems



  • Instant Trip and I²t Protection / Thermal Memory
  • Continuous Built-In Test (BIT)
  • Trip Override (Battle) Mode
  • Discrete Control Option
  • SAE J1939 compatible CANbus Interface


  • 3.5 - 35A Programmable Current


  • Low Power Dissipation
  • Measurement Accuracy better than 5%
  • Controlled Rise/Fall Times
  • Monitoring
    • Load Temperature with Alarm
    • Load Voltage with Alarm
    • Input Voltage
    • Internal RPC Temperature
  • Isolated Communication/Control Interface


  • Ruggedized Form Factor



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RP-20011601S0 28 V, Single Channel Remote Power Controller Module

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