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Half-Size IDEA-based ISA Tester/Simulator Card

Discontinued Product. Please contact the factory for the latest replacement.


Part Number(s): BUS-65518
Package: Half Size ISA PC Card
Lead Free Information: B
IDEA series Simulator-and-Tester Card, Data-Bus-PC-AT-half-size-ISA-card. Simultaneously simulates a Bus Controller, an Active Monitor, and up to 31 remote terminals(BC-RT-MT). Provides comprehensive error injection/detection. It provides full, intelligent interfacing between a dual redundant MIL-STD-1553A/B data bus and an IBM PC-AT. Includes user-friendly menu-driven software. Optional C and Pascal runtime libraries and menu-driven PTP, VTP and Parameter Monitor software. Supports Windows 3.1x, '95 and NT. The BUS69000 IDEA Software is required.





BUS-65518 IBM AT Compatible MIL-STD-1553 Simulator and Test Card



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Lightning Protection for Discrete Logic I/O

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DOS IDEA Software
Description: Provides DOS Menu, Runtime Library, Parameter Monitor, Reconstructor, VTP and PTP.
Operating System: DOS
Rev: 4.2 [icon] 4.2
File Size: 3 MB

Win3.x IDEA Software
Description: Windows 3.x version of the IDEA Software.
Operating System: Win 3.x
Rev: 4.2 [icon] 4.2
File Size: 858 KB

Win95/98 IDEA software
Description: This package provides Windows 95 Menu, Runtime Library, and samples.
Operating System: Win 95
Rev: 1.04 [icon] 1.04
File Size: 8 MB

WinNT IDEA Software
Description: 32-bit version of the IDEA software. This package provides Windows NT Menu, Runtime Library, and samples.
Operating System: Win NT/2000
Rev: 1.04 [icon] 1.04
File Size: 8 MB

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