ARINC 429 Line Drivers


Part Number(s):DD-4107X
Package: SOIC

The ARINC 429 Line Drivers convert TTL/CMOS serial input data to ARINC specified amplitudes, and are a direct drop-in replacement for Holt and DEI line drivers.


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Drop-in Pin for Pin Replacement for Holt Line Drivers:
    • HI-8585
    • HI-8586
  • Drop-in Pin for Pin Replacement for DEI Line Drivers:
    • DEI-1070A
    • DEI-1071A
    • DEI-1072A
    • DEI-1073A
    • DEI-1074A
    • DEI-1075A


  • Avionics Data Communication
  • CMOS/TTL to ARINC Level Conversion


  • TTL/CMOS ARINC 429 Line Driver
  • HI/LO Speed Control Pin for Hi (100Kbps) or Lo (12.5Kbps) Speed Slew Rates
  • ±9.5V to ±16.5V Supplies
  • Drives Full ARINC Load
  • Output Resistor Options: 0, 10 or 37.5 Ohms
  • Tristate Output Options
  • 8 Lead SOICN Package with Exposed Pad for Thermal Enhancement



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