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Development Kit for RD-19242 R/D Converter


Part Number(s): RD-19242EX-3L0
Package: Stand Alone

Convenient and reliable, the RD-19242EX-3L0 development kit offers an easy way to evaluate DDC's RD-19242 series resolver-to-SPI converters, with little to no installation and configuration setup time for the user.


  • Minimizes In-House Design Time
    • Fast Wire-up Method to Start Testing New Designs
  • On Board Provisions for Various Converter and Input/Output Wiring Configurations
  • No Soldering Required
    • Pre-Installed Converter
  • Minimal Basic Setup:
    • Input A/C Source Signal
    • +5V DC Power Supply
  • Pre-Configured and Programmable Options On Board


  • Easy On-Card Programmable Features of the RD-19242 Converter
  • Pre-Installed RD-19242LS-200 Converter on Board
  • Configurations Provided for 2V and 11.8V Resolver and Synchro Inputs
  • Configurations for 1KHz to 10KHz Carrier Frequencies
  • Programmable Resolution of 10, 12, and 14 Bit
  • Serial Data Output
  • On-chip Reference Oscillator
  • LCD Screen Provides the Converted Angle and Fault Status in an Easy-to-Read Format
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V Digital I/O Logic Configuration



 Product Brief

Dev Kit for RD-19232 & RD-19242 R/D Converters


Development Kit for the RD-19242 R/D Converter

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External Components Calculation Software
Description: External Components Calculation Software for the RD-19240 and RD-19242
Operating System: MS Excel
File Size: 41 KB

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