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28V Multi-Channel Solid-State Power Controller

Not recommended for new designs. Please refer to RP-26200.


Part Number(s): RP-26000

The Multi-Channel Power Controller Board (MCPCB) is a DSP- based remote power controller intended for Electrical Load Management Centers (ELMC’s) where there are high RPC channel counts. The Multi-Channel concept uses micro-controller capability to implement highly integrated multiple Remote Programmable Power Controllers (RPC’s). The power of the DSP provides flexibility to insure maximum capability and safety.

The primary function of the MCPCB is to protect the system wiring by utilizing on-board solid-state Remote Power Controllers (RPC’s) in place of conventional circuit breakers. The RPC’s provide more precise I2T protection than conventional circuit breakers and provide remote control of +28V power to sub-systems. A secondary function of the Multi-Channel SSPC/RPC Board is to provide operational status of the RPCs and SSPCs to the system controller.


  • Cost-Effectively Replaces Individual Mechanical Breakers and Switches
  • Flexible Channel Configurations
  • Network Interface Options Allow Computer Control and Easy System Integration
  • Fast Response to Changing Load Profiles
  • Isolation Between Control and Power
  • Minimum Inventory COTS Solution
  • High Reliability


  • Fault Tolerant Electrical Power Systems
  • Military Land Vehicles
  • Military And Commercial Ships
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV)


  • Supports 28 VDC Applications from 1 to 25 Amps
  • Software Programmable Current Range & Channel Grouping for Higher Current Loads
  • I2t & Instant Trip Protection
  • Controlled Rise and Fall Times
  • Thermal Memory
  • Solid State Reliability
  • Isolated Control Circuitry
  • Isolated Communications Interface Port
  • Built In Test (Bit)
  • Battle Override
  • Conduction Cooled Card
  • Low Power Dissipation




Performance Comparison: Solid State Power Controllers vs. Electromechanical Switching
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