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28V 4-Channel High-Power Solid-State Power Controller


Part Number(s): RP-263xxN0

The RP-263XXN0 is a multi-channel Solid-State Power Controller board, with capability to distribute and control 300 amps of power for four independent subsystems. Each channel may be programmed for a rated current of up to 75 amps. For each channel, the board provides power switching, instant trip and “I2t” overload protection, and enables complete power quality management through current, voltage and temperature feedback to the system controller through its CAN Bus interface. The multi-channel concept utilizes an on-board microcontroller to implement a highly integrated SSPC solution. The board continuously monitors each channel’s power output, and will trip the relevant channel or interrupt the system controller if one or more of the system thresholds are crossed.


  • EMI Reduction
  • Automated Power Control Simplifies Crew Operation
  • Automated Load Shedding
  • Diagnostic & Prognostic Data
  • Automated / Preventive Maintenance
  • Improved Mission Safety & Longevity
  • Power Quality Profiling / Analysis
  • Increased System Up-Time / Reliability
  • Thermal Profile Reduction


  • Military Land Vehicles
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Industrial Controls
  • Primary Power Switching (Generators / Batteries)
  • Military and Commercial Ships
  • Weapon Systems
  • Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs, UGVs)


  • Total Board Current Capacity of 300A
  • 4 Independent Load Channels
  • 75-Amp Channels with 3:1 Current Programmability
  • Channel Paralleling for High Current Loads
  • I²t & Instant Trip Protection / Thermal Memory
  • Controlled Rise/Fall Time



 Product Brief

RP-263XXN0 High Power Solid-State Power Controller Product Brief


RP-263XXN0 High Power Solid-State Power Controller Datasheet


Performance Comparison: Solid State Power Controllers vs. Electromechanical Switching
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