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FibreAccess® Fibre Channel Network Access Controller


Part Number(s): FC-75100
Package: PMC
Lead Free Information: B

The FC-75100 FibreACCESS™ series are dual-channel Fibre Channel Network Access Controller(NAC) PMC cards optimized for use in military/aerospace applications. The FibreACCESS NAC is suitable for a wide variety of applications for embedded avionics and vetronics systems. These include sensor interfacing, multi-processor and DSP arrays, radar systems, display systems, serial backplanes, and storage.

Based on DDC developed Fibre Channel technology, FibreACCESS is optimized to meet the deterministic performance, high reliability, and demanding environmental requirements of embedded, real time, military applications. The FibreACCESS FPGA-based architecture can be tailored to meet a wide range of specific system requirements and is not subject to rapidly changing commercial market forces that can result in shortened life cycles. DDC FibreACCESS NACs have been designed to meet the multi-decade life cycle demands of military/aerospace programs, continuing our demonstrated commitment as a long-term military COTS supplier of digital interface devices.

FibreACCESS cards support Class 2 acknowledged and Class 3 unacknowledged Fibre Channel service. The cards provide leading edge performance, with the capability of operating at sustained data rates of over 300 MBytes/s with 2 Gb/s signaling and memory-to-memory latency of under 20 µS. Built-in DMA engines and 64-bit/66 Mhz PCI initiator/target interface, operating together with the frame, sequence and outbound exchange management logic, autonomously move payload data to and from PCI space. Using host initiated descriptors, frames are assembled and disassembled autonomously to and from payload buffers in host memory.

FibreACCESS supports multiple upper layer protocols (ULPs). These include TCP/IP, UDP/IP, SCSI/FCP, ASM (Anonymous Subscriber Messaging), and Raw Mode.


  • DDC-Developed Technology to Support Long Life Cycles
  • Dual-Channel Operation
  • Conduction or Convection Cooled PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) Providing Extended Temperature Operation
  • 1 Gb/s or 2 Gb/s Operation
  • Class 2 and 3 Service Including Broadcast and Multicast
  • 320 MBytes/s Throughput with Memory-to-Memory Latency Under 20 µS
  • ASM, TCP/IP, SCSI Initiator and Raw Mode Protocols
  • VxWorks and Linux Drivers



 Product Brief

FibreACCESS Fibre Channel Network Access Controller


FC-751XX Series


FC-75100 FibreACCESS® Network Access Controller User’s Manual

FC-79012S1 and FC-79702S1 FibreACCESS NAC DDK User's Guide for Linux

FC-7901XSX FibreACCESS NAC SDK User's Guide for VxWorks


Test, Simulation, and Integration of Fibre Channel Networked Systems

 Generic Document

Data Bus Boards, Modules, and Software Flyer

DDC Corporate Overview

DDC Product Catalog

DDC Custom Solutions Brochure


Software Errata for FC-7901XS1 Fibre Channel NAC DDK for Linux

Software Errata for FC-7901XS2 Fibre Channel NAC SDK/DDK for VxWorks



Fibre Access Network Access Card SDK
Description: Fibre Access Network Access Card SDK for VxWorks
Operating System: VxWorks
Rev: 1.1.4 [icon] 1.1.4
File Size: 3 MB

Ordering Information:

 Ordering Information

You can use the following link to download a PDF copy of the Ordering Information:
Ordering Information: FC-751XX Series Order Info [icon] FC-751XX Series Order Info

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