S/D or R/D Converter, ISA Bus

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Part Number(s):SDC-36015
Package: Full Size ISA PC Card

For new designs see the SDC-36016

Synchro to Digital or Resolver to Digital PC Board. Provides up to Six channels of Synchro and/or Resolver to Digital conversion. Uses (RDC19200 SERIES), (SDC14560 SERIES), or (SDC19204/6) converters Resolution: 10 to 16 bit. Accuracy: To +/- 1.3 minute. Full-Size-SR-ISA PC Card.








Synchro to Digital Converter

 Application Note

MFT-1: Testing and Troubleshooting Synchro/Resolver Converters

 Generic Document

Synchro.dll Software Manual for all ISA PC based Synchro/Resolver Cards

Synchro/Resolver Conversion Handbook

Synchro/Resolver Solutions Flyer

DDC Custom Solutions Brochure

DDC Product Catalog

DDC Corporate Overview



SDC-36015 32 Bit Software
Description: 32 Bit Synchro DLL & Library; Win 95/NT Executable Application; Synchro Manager; Example Program.
Operating System: Win 9x/NT/2000
Rev: 2.1 [icon] 2.1
File Size: 315 KB

Ordering Information:

 Ordering Information

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