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1-4 Channel PC-104 compatible S/D and R/D Card

Discontinued, please refer to SB-36330CX.


Part Number(s): SB-36310Cx
Package: PC-104 Card
Lead Free Information: B

The SB-36310CX is a versatile, PC/104 card which contains one to four channels of fully independent Synchro-to-Digital or Resolver-to- Digital (S/R-D) conversion. For each channel the conversion process is implemented using a DDC RDC-19222S 16-bit monolithic converter and a thin-film resistor network.

Each converter can be configured for a 11.8 V line-to-line synchro/resolver, 90 V line-to-line synchro, or 2 V sin/cos signal input, and 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-bit resolution. The user is provided with two operating frequency ranges. The low bandwidth card operates from 47 Hz to 5 kHz and is software programmable for bandwidths of 15 Hz or 45 Hz. The high bandwidth card operates from 360 Hz to 5 kHz and is software programmable for bandwidths of 80 Hz or 300 Hz. Each channel provides a separate reference input which is jumper programmable to accept either a 26 V or a 115 V signal. A synthesized reference and accuracy to ±1 minute is standard.

In addition to the angular position data, each channel provides a ±4 V Velocity Output Signal, and 16-bit Discrete I/O configured with 8 bits of input and 8 bits of output which are available for user defined functions. Demo software including source code is supplied with the card.


The SB-36310CX is designed for modern, high-performance industrial and military control systems.Typical applications include motor control, machine tool control, robotic, antenna and process control systems.


  • Contains up to Four Independent Converter Channels
  • Accepts Synchro or Resolver Inputs
  • Accuracy to ±1 min.
  • Synthesized Reference
  • Velocity Output Signal for Each Channel
  • Software Programmable Resolution and Bandwidth
  • Jumper Programmable Reference Voltage Inputs
  • Discrete I/O for External Control Functions



 Product Brief

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4 Channel PC/104 Compatible S/R to Digital Card

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Hardware/Software Manual for the SB-3631X

 Application Note

MFT-1: Testing and Troubleshooting Synchro/Resolver Converters

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Description: Synch DLL & Lib & Mgr, Example Program
Operating System: Win 9x/NT
Rev: 1.1.1 [icon] 1.1.1
File Size: 736 KB

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