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28V 16-Channel Solid-State Power Controller


Part Number(s): RP-26200
Lead Free Information: B

The RP-26200 multi-channel board protects wiring and controls power for up to sixteen independent subsystems. RP-26200 Power Controller series products use high efficiency switching MOSFETs and on board microcontrollers to implement a highly integrated power control solution. The device continuously monitors power on each output and trips the relevant channel during an overload or short circuit condition. Additionally, it interrupts the system controller if one or more of the programmed system thresholds are crossed. Communication, control and programming are through the J1939 compatible CAN bus.

RP-26200 Power Controller technology delivers advanced power quality management including accurate current, voltage and temperature feedback to the system from each attached subsystem. This enables diagnostic and prognostic capabilities including condition based and predictive maintenance.


• Current Capacity
- 16 Independent Load Channels
- 8A, 10A and 25A Channels with 10:1 Programmability
- Total Board Current Capability of 238A
- Channel Paralleling for High Current Loads
• Protection & Control
- Independent Remote Control of Individual Channels / Groups
- Overload (I2T) and Short Circuit (Instant Trip) Protection for Each Channel
- Controlled Rise and Fall Time
- Trip Override (Battle) Mode
• Communication
- SAE J1939 Compatible CAN Interface
- Pin Programmable Baud (250K, 500K or 1MB)
• Diagnostics
- Continuous Built-In-Test (BIT)
- Remote Load Current, Voltage and Temperature Monitoring Measurement Accuracy Within 5%
• Low Power Dissipation Across Channels
• Ruggedized, Conduction Cooled Form Factor



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RP-26200 28V Multi-Channel Solid-State Power Controller


Performance Comparison: Solid State Power Controllers vs. Electromechanical Switching
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