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DDC's Headquarters - Bohemia, NY DDC's Headquarters

DDC's manufacturing facility in Bohemia, New York is ISO 9001:2000 Certified and MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and K compliant.
Engineering Test Lab Engineering Test Lab

Utilizing computer simulation and testing, along with an intrinsic knowledge of military, commercial, and industrial data standards, DDC's engineers integrate accuracy and reliability into the smallest form factor component and board solutions possible.
Engineering CAD Area Engineering CAD Area

Computer aided design and software development yield integrated solutions and support for Windows®, VxWorks®, and Linux® operating systems. The utilization of in-house technology allows DDC to supply its customers with flexible and dependable solutions for long-term projects.
Design and Drafting Design and Drafting

DDC's team of design, process, and software engineers, representing a span of expertise from Analog and Digital technology to High-Speed data networking, FPGA, and ASIC design, create integrated hardware and software solutions for true COTS/MOTS support.
Component Test Component Test

Component Test ensures that every component utilized within the manufacturing process meets design criteria for accuracy and dependability, initiating a quality control program that travels with the product from kit to customer.
Deposition Deposition

Hybrid substrates, functioning as miniaturized printed circuit boards, undergo multi-layer silk-screening of conductive and non-conductive materials (i.e. gold, ceramic, resistive ink). These substrates will later be populated with a system of integrated circuits, and support-components, yielding a data solution optimized for size, weight and durability.
Conveyor Furnace Conveyor Furnace

After each layer is silk-screened, the substrate is kiln-dried within heat-zoned conveyor furnaces, reaching temperatures up to +925° C. In this manner the substrate is built-up layer upon layer, with interconnections from each layer to the next.
Automatic Laser Automatic Laser

Computer controlled laser trimming of thick- and thin-film resistors yields high operational accuracy and precision tolerances.
Hybrid Stock Hybrid Stock

Hybrid kits are assembled from a collection of components, substrates, packages, and thick/thin-film resistors according to the specific bill of material and processing requirements. Computerized inventory control coordinates and tracks the procurement of all components for accurate placement and traceability.
Hybrid Manufacturing Hybrid Manufacturing

Automated wirebonding and diebonding processes employ computerized geometry recognition for accurate and dependable ISO 9001:2000 certified / MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and K compliant hybrid manufacturing in a clean room environment.
Hybrid Test Hybrid Test

Assembled hybrids are computer tested to ensure functionality, accuracy, and adherence to design parameters. After lidsealing, environmentals, and burn-in, sealed units are tested over the full temperature range to simulate actual in-field use.
Lidseal and Environmentals Lidseal and Environmentals

Hermetic package welding and MIL-STD-883 environmental conditioning (including stabilization bake, temperature cycle, centrifuge and leak testing) ensure reliable in-field use within the harshest aerospace, military and commercial environments.
Burn-in Burn-in

Hybrids are powered-up and placed within temperature-controlled ovens for up to 120 hours, to simulate extended field use and ensure long-term dependability.
Part Marking Part Marking

Laser-etched partmarking encodes DDC's hybrid components with clear and durable product, process and pin identification.
Circuit Card Assembly Circuit Card Assembly

Computer aided tape-and-reel assembly and solder reflow processes create compact, reliable board and component solutions for military, commercial and industrial applications.
Discrete Test CCA Test

Assembled boards and components are subjected to a full range of temperature testing to ensure end-use accuracy and reliability.