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Bohemia, New York - Data Device Corporation announces a new series of data bus chip modules offering an integrated solution for interfacing between 32-bit, 33MHz PCI and MIL-STD-1553 buses: BU-62743, BU-62843, and BU-62864. All three PCI Enhanced Mini-ACE® data bus components are software compatible with DDC's earlier generation of ACE, Mini-ACE (Plus), and Enhanced Mini-ACE data bus terminals. They also offer key enhancements in remote terminal buffering and bus controller architecture.

"This is a complete solution integrated onto a single, one-inch data bus component," explains Mike Hegarty, Data Bus Technologies Product Marketing Manager. "Without DDC's components, our customers would need to design their own PCI interface to a separate 1553 interface component. Using one of our PCI-Enhanced Mini-ACE chips eliminates that design time, it's cheaper, it consumes less power, and it has a smaller footprint." Especially well suited to military data bus avionics and ground-vehicle applications, these data bus components offer a direct interface for customers building single-board computers with an on-board PCI bus.

The three modules vary by scope of support and by memory capability. The 62743 provides solely remote terminal (RT) functionality with 4Kwords of RAM; the 62843 also supports bus controller (BC) and monitor terminal (MT) modes; and the 62864 likewise supports RT, BC, and MT modes-with expanded memory of 64Kwords and built-in RAM parity checking. The RT mode offers single, double, subaddress-specific circular, and global circular buffering options (with 50% and 100% rollover interrupts). BC features include a built-in message sequence control engine that provides an autonomous means of implementing multi-frame message scheduling, message retry schemes, data double buffering, bulk data transfers, asynchronous message insertion, and reporting to the host CPU. All models provide multiprotocol support of data bus MIL-STD-1553A/B and STANAG 3838. Versions incorporating MIL-STD-1760- and McAir transmitters are also available.

Data Device is in production on all three models, which may be ordered in 1-inch-square flatpacks or gull lead packages.

Data Device Corporation (DDC) is recognized as a leading international supplier of high-reliability data interface products for military and commercial aerospace applications for over 40 years and MIL-STD-1553 products for more than 25 years. DDC’s broad product line consists of advanced data bus technology for high speed Fibre Channel networks, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 data bus boards/components, synchro/resolver technologies, and solid state power controllers and motor drives. The company's design and manufacturing facility is located in Bohemia, N.Y.

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