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Reduce SWaP-C, Increase Reliability, and Implement Smart Power Control with DDC’s New 28V, 280A, 32-Channel Solid-State Power Controller!

Bohemia, New York (November 2014) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a new 32-Channel Solid-State Power Controller (RP-26611000N0) featuring high power density and advanced programmability, to offer significant Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) savings, improved reliability and smart power control, in a standard 6U form factor.

Reduce SWaP-C
This high channel count Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) enables significant SWaP-C savings compared with lower channel SSPCs, as well as mechanical switches, breakers, and relays. This 32-channel single board solution replaces multiple low channel boards, saving slots for other boards and expanded functionality, or freeing up additional space for equipment and crew. When enclosed, this compact, high density power controller enables a 7X power-to-volume and 5X power-to-weight savings, compared with larger enclosed mechanical alternatives, enabling reduced space consumption and fuel costs, while extending mission range. Additional SWaP-C savings are realized through a 70% reduction in power dissipation, along with energy savings through intelligent load shedding and prioritization. Inventory costs can be saved, as this board can be programmed to support multiple platforms and varying mission requirements. The board’s 6U form factor is designed for standard backplane implementations, facilitating ease of use.

Increase Reliability
DDC’s SSPCs have a 25X improved MTBF compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, that have moving parts which are more prone to failure. They also provide real-time vehicle health and diagnostic data, enabling improved mission uptime, safety and longevity through preventative and automated maintenance. The high reliability of our SSPCs is further ensured by our battle proven technology, with more than 800,000 DDC SSPC nodes installed on military vehicles since 1988.

Smart Power Control
DDC’s SSPCs enable network control, programmability, and autonomous operation — simplifying vehicle control and freeing crew members’ time, so they can concentrate on mission critical tasks. They also provide channel paralleling, controlled rise/fall times, and I2t trip protection, to deliver high precision load protection and flexible power distribution. This 32-channel SSPC allows each channel to be individually programmed to control from 1 to 10 amps, up to a total board current of 280 amps. DDC’s SSPCs also offer flexible control options, including CANbus interface, and a wide range of advanced discrete control interfaces.

“By providing a high-channel count in a standard 6U form factor, DDC’s new 32-channel SSPCs offer significant SWaP-C savings and reliability enhancements, along with ease of integration, while its advanced programmability affords flexibility to accommodate a wide range of loads, to support multi-platform use and changing mission requirements”, stated Steve Rood Goldman, DDC’s Marketing Manager.

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