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High Temperature, High Accuracy Resolver-to-Digital Converters

Bohemia, New York (June 3, 2015) Data Device Corporation (DDC), introduces a new High Temperature Resolver-to-Digital Converter (RD-1930X), offering an off-the-shelf, high reliability motion feedback solution for today’s rugged, high temperature applications. Resolver-based motion feedback systems offer inherent environmental advantages over optical encoders that are vulnerable to humidity, dirt, oil, grease and vibration. DDC’s RD-1930X resolver-to-digital converter offers additional environmental advantages, by utilizing Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology, to extend the operating temperature to +200°C, for use in extreme thermal environments. The RD-1930X series also provides high accuracy 14-bit resolution, enabling positioning to 8 arc-minutes. The durable design of the RD-1930X, combined with its high accuracy and flexible programmability (resolution, bandwidth and tracking), makes this resolver-to-digital converter ideal for position control applications exposed to extreme thermal environments, including oil and gas downhole drilling, commercial aerospace engine control, missile fin actuation, and factory automation.

Benefits include:

  • Ruggedness
    • -55°C to +200°C Operating Temperature
    • Field Proven, Rugged Ceramic Package
  • Flexibility
    • Programmable Resolution (10, 12, 14 Bit), Bandwidth & Tracking
    • Provides Analog Position Conversion to a Digital Signal for Synchros, Resolvers, Inductosyns, LVDTs, RVDTs, MRs, and Hall Sensors
  • Efficiency
    • Standard Off-the-Shelf High Temperature Solution Enables Faster Time-to-Market
    • Integrated Reference Oscillator Reduces Costs & External Component Count
    • Serial Output (SPI) Utilizes Less I/O from Processor (Parallel Output also Available)

“These high-temp resolver-to-digital converters combine extreme durability, with high accuracy position feedback and off-the-shelf availability, to provide long lasting performance in the harshest environments, while remaining a cost-effective and efficient motion feedback solution” stated Rolf Mahler, Product Line Manager, DDC.”

Data Device Corporation (DDC) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability Connectivity, Power and Control solutions (Data Networking; Power Distribution, Control and Conversion; Motor Control and Motion Feedback) for aerospace, defense, space, and industrial applications. With awards for quality, delivery, and support, DDC has served these industries as a trusted resource for more than 50 years... providing proven solutions that are optimized for efficiency, reliability, and performance. Data Device Corporation brands include DDC, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation, National Hybrid Inc., North Hills Signal Processing Corp., Pascall Electronics Ltd., and XCEL Power Systems Ltd. DDC is headquartered in Bohemia, NY and has manufacturing operations in New York, California, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:

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