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DDC Introduces 2nd Generation FibreACCESSTM Fibre Channel Network Access Cards
Proven military avionics operation at reduced power consumption

Bohemia, New York (July 27, 2005) Data Device Corporation (DDC) proudly announces its second (2nd) generation of FibreACCESS™ Fibre Channel Network Adapters. The new FibreACCESS PMC modules offer all the functionality of the existing FibreACCESS Network Access Controllers (NACs) at reduced power consumption. Additionally, the Rugged Low Profile transceiver option offers a footprint approximately 50% that of a standard Small Form Factor optical transceiver, enabling military/aerospace customers to increase fiber optic cable bend radius while minimizing overall size and weight.

Continuing DDC's outstanding history of military support, service and manufacturing capability, the FibreACCESS cards offer military-optimized features such as implicit login, Class 2 service, and Extended Link Services. The FibreACCESS supports lightweight, avionics-specific protocols such as ASM and RAW modes, standard Upper Layer Protocols (ULPs) such as TCP/IP and SCSI, and custom ULPs. DDC-developed Intellectual Property (IP) enables DDC to provide customizability and long life cycle support for military applications, while the FPGA-based design facilitates maintenance and functionality changes through firmware upgrades.

“The FibreACCESS NAC has proven itself in multiple flyable and test applications, both alone and interoperating with avionics and commercial, cards and switches. We’re taking this proven design and are migrating it to a new platform with increased capability for customization,” said Amir Massumi, Director of Marketing at DDC.

With an operating temperature range that extends from -40 to +85° C, the FibreACCESS is a true conduction cooled flyable design that has demonstrated proven interoperability with both avionics and commercial Fibre Channel cards and switches.

Data Device Corporation is an international leader in high-reliability data conversion interface components and subsystems for military and commercial applications. Established in 1964 with the introduction of the first synchro-to-digital module, DDC's design and manufacturing facility is located in Bohemia, New York.

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