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DDC Announces the Release of COTS Remote Power Controller
Light Weight, Flexible, Cost-Effective, Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC)

For Immediate Release: Bohemia, New York November 13, 2006 — Data Device Corporation (DDC), a leading international supplier of high-reliability data interface products, announces the release of a Remote Power Controller (RPC) for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. Ruggedized for military use, the RP 26000 series boasts a plethora of features to benefit military, commercial, and industrial systems requiring flexible, dependable, economical power management and wire-overload protection.

With up to 16 user-programmable channels onboard, the RP 26000 offers a substantial reduction in both weight and cost per channel over mechanical contactors and single-channel Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC) modules. Individual channels of the same current rating can be paralleled to increase single-channel current capacity, allowing for flexibility in power management system design. The maximum current-carrying capability for the card is 160A. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology enables intelligent processing power, with each channel’s controls and current ratings set independently of the others’; the Built-In Test (BIT) provides continuous status reports.

The RP 26000’s communication protocols include CANbus, RS 232, RS 422, and RS 485. Conformal-coated to provide moisture resistance, and designed to withstand rugged military extremes of temperature (-40°C to +85°C), humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic interference (EMI), the card’s mechanical design complies with MIL STD 475, commonly used in ground vehicle and aircraft environmental requirements.

"DDC’s RPC card technology provides a method of reducing price per channel and simplifying power distribution system development, while minimizing inventory requirements. The RP-26000 is the only RPC with this degree of flexibility, providing the greatest advantage for systems that simultaneously require high channel counts and a wide range of current ratings," said Amir Massumi, Marketing Director at DDC.

The RP 26000 series cards are currently available.

Data Device Corporation (DDC) is recognized as a leading international supplier of high-reliability data interface products for military and commercial aerospace applications for over 40 years and MIL-STD-1553 products for more than 25 years. DDC’s broad product line consists of advanced data bus technology for high speed Fibre Channel networks, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 data bus boards/components, synchro/resolver technologies, and solid state power controllers and motor drives. The company's design and manufacturing facility is located in Bohemia, N.Y.

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