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Rad-Hard, Latchup Immune, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter for Space!

Bohemia, New York (May 2018) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces the 7809C, a new latch-up immune version and drop-in replacement for the widely deployed 7809A, 16-bit serial output analog-to-digital (A/D) data converter. The 7809C is single event latch-up immune and features improvements in performance, including lower power dissipation, while remaining a highly reliable and cost effective space solution.

The A/D converter utilizes DDC's radiation mitigation RAD-PAK® Technology, enabling DDC to deliver the latest commercially available microelectronics in a space qualified package, providing a cost optimized space grade solution. DDC's patented RAD-PAK® packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in a hermetic ceramic package. This technology greatly improves TID tolerance. Since inception, more than 20 years ago, our electronic components and single board computers have experienced zero failures in space!


  • Proven Reliability
    • Hermetically sealed ceramic flat package with RAD-PAK® radiation-hardened shielding
    • Single Event Latchup Immune
    • RAD-PAK® packaging technology has been qualified by NASA, ESA, JAXA and thousands of missions for over 20 years without any flight failures
  • Optimized Performance
    • 100kHz min sampling rate
    • ±10V and 0V to 5V input range
    • +5V supply operation
    • Utilizes internal or external reference
    • 16-Bit Serial output
    • Low power dissipation: 100mW max

“DDC’s 7809C analog-to-digital converters are direct drop-in replacements for our popular 7809A series, and features latch-up free operation, along with tighter parametric tolerances and lower power dissipation, to provide a highly reliable and optimized rad-hard solution for space applications”, stated Mark Tiddens, DDC Product Manager, Radiation Hardened Microelectronics.

Data Device Corporation (DDC) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability Connectivity, Power and Control solutions (Data Networking Components to Processor Based Subsystems, Space Qualified SBCs and Radiation Hardened Components; Power Distribution, Control and Conversion; Motor Control and Motion Feedback) for aerospace, defense, space, and industrial applications. With awards for quality, delivery, and support, DDC has served these industries as a trusted resource for more than 50 years... providing proven solutions that are optimized for efficiency, reliability, and performance. Data Device Corporation brands include DDC, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation, National Hybrid Inc., North Hills Signal Processing Corp., Pascall Electronics Ltd., and XCEL Power Systems Ltd. DDC is headquartered in Bohemia, NY and has manufacturing operations in New York, California, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

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