Space Markets

DDC's expertise in providing high quality, high reliability electronics are a perfect match for the demanding Space marketplace. DDC has been certified by DLA to the highest quality level for hybrid microcircuits, Class "K". Additionally, DDC has been audited and approved as a supplier by NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). DDC has developed Space quality versions for our key product lines, including MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Interfaces and Motor Drive/Controllers.

DDC's products are used extensively throughout all areas of the Space environment;

  • Manned platforms/vehicles such as the International Space Station, the Shuttle and the futuristic VentureStar.
  • Launch vehicles such as the Delta, Atlas, and the Japanese H-2A Rocket.
  • Military Satellites systems such as MILSTAR and SBIRS
  • NASA Research satellites such as EOS (Earth Observing System), and Topex
  • Commercial Satellite such as CRSS (Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite), Iridium, and the vast SkyBridge constellation

Within the International Space Station, MIL-STD-1553 Data Buses are used throughout for forming a common data link between all of the segments, including the U.S. Laboratory Module, the Russian Service Module and Functional Cargo Block (named Zarya), the European Columbus Orbital Facility and the Japanese Experimental Module (JEM). DDC's Synchro-to-Digital Converters and Motor Drive components precisely control the movements and position of the various robotic arms including the ERA (European Robotic Arm), built by a consortium of European's best Space hardware manufacturers and the MSS (Mobile Servicing System), built by the Canadian Space Agency. DDC's Motor Drive components operate the fans and pumps required to process and recirculate the air within the Station. Designers of launch vehicles and satellites have learned the benefits of using a MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus in integrating the many complex and critical sub-systems. DDC developed robust components using radiation hardened technology. These components must perform during the rigorous launching phase as well as the harsh radiation environment of space. Refer to DDC's BU-63825 for full Bus Controller applications or BUS-63705 Series for Remote Terminals.

Control of the satellite's moving antennas or solar arrays, as well as the motion of on-board gyroscopes or fly wheels, that control and maintain the proper attitude of the satellite, are accomplished with DDC's space grade Motor Drives. Using the proper combination of standard components and radiation hardened components within a single package, DDC can provide a Motor Drive component that can sustain the radiation torture of Space at an affordable price. Refer to PWR-82520R.