Civil Aerospace Markets

DDC's expertise in Data Bus technology and Motion Control are a perfect match for the Commercial Aerospace marketplace. Practically every commercial aircraft currently in use employs ARINC-429 Data buses. The ARINC-429 data bus allows the interchange of information between the vast number of electrical sub-systems and the on-board flight computer. DDC supplies the line drivers, transceivers, and microprocessor interface components required to allow the subsystems to pass and receive information from the ARINC-429 data bus.

DDC has provided the Bus Interface Module for the ARINC-629 data bus used on Boeing's latest aircraft, the 777. The ARINC-629 is much more complex and sophisticated than ARINC-429. Similarly, DDC’s components function as the interface between the electrical sub-systems and the data bus.

DDC's Motor Drive components control the motion of flight critical surfaces on private business jets such as the Global Express as well as large commercial aircraft such as the Airbus A-3XX. The Motor Drive components drive and control the electrical motors that move the flaps, slats, ailerons, and rudder.